Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trip to Washington

Maddox and I recently kissed Daddy and the puppies good-bye and flew to Spokane, Washington to visit my Mom and Dad for 10 days. We had a fantastic time, and Maddox learned all kinds of new things with Marmie and Daddoo. He learned that he loves playing with a spoon at a restaurant, which is great until he realizes that he can bang it on the table! He learned how to use his new "Johnny Jump Up" to get lots of attention. He forgot how to sleep in his own bed because he slept with Marmie every night.

Mandy and her kids came up for one of the weekends we were there. It was great to see her and her babies, although they're not really babies anymore.

Maddox and I really missed Jeff, but we loved visiting family. Maddox was so spoiled that we now have to work to break a few bad habits, but it was worth every habit to spend time with Marmie and Daddoo.

Maddox ... Meet Your Daddoo!

Maddox finally got to meet Daddoo!!! They got along swimmingly, especially when Maddox pinched and pulled Daddoo's face and beard. My Dad was a beaming proud grandpa as he showed Maddox off to his friends at work and church.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Playing at Marmie and Daddoo's House

Bathtime with Marmie

Just for the record, there was more water on the kitchen floor than in the sink!

Pend Oreille Lake

My parents' friends, Craig and Patrice, invited all of us over to their lakehouse for the day. We had a blast! Below are photos of the family making a splash...

Jenny, Abby and Nolan risking life and limb on innertubes

Maddox and Lauren enjoying the beautiful day.

Abby absolutely loved the boat and the innertubes. She kept saying, "This is totally awesome!" which (with her adorable lisp) sounded like, "Thith ith totally awethome!"

Maddox making the rounds collecting snuggles from everyone.

Abby, Nolan, and I spent a lot of the day jumping into the water from the dock.