Monday, February 22, 2010

King Josiah

Yesterday in Bible class, Maddox got to play King Josiah, the child king of Judah who began his reign at just 8 years old. He's been telling me all day, "King Josiah says don't worship idols, only worship God."

I just keep waiting for him to run around the house smashing everything he considers an idol.
Sorry about the picture quality. This photo was taken on a phone and emailed to us later. But, you can just make out the cutest little Josiah ever.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Rite of Passage

Two years old is a big milestone in our family! It's the ripe old age when Daddoo's grandchildren can start drinking "coffee" with him. Drinking coffee with Daddoo is all the rage!

My parents got to come visit us for Christmas, and Maddox drank coffee with Daddoo every morning.

The "coffee" is really just a handful of M&Ms in a mug with just enough coffee to melt them, and filled the rest of the way with milk. It's essentially hot chocolate, but don't tell Maddox.
I drank coffee this very same way with my great-grandmother, and the tradition continues.

No Santa Torture This Year

Judging by the pictures from the annual Kreil - Young visit to Santa for the last two years, it is abundantly clear that sitting on Santa's lap is akin to child abuse in Jaxon's mind.

But not this year...
This year, both boys sat on the big man's lap and told him just what they wanted for Christmas! It was quite an accomplishment!