Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gym Rat

Maddox-Man has been taking gymnastics classes for about a month now and he loves it! His coaches do a great job of keeping all the kids moving during the class, so Mommy is pleased with the amount of energy expended!

Below are some videos from a few different classes during the last month.

Last week, Mad's coach promoted him from Embers Level 1 to Embers Level 2! Maddox was very excited, and we even got to take a trip to McDonald's for a celebratory ice cream cone!

Passover and Easter

Last month, because we are religiously confused (or just because it's a good lesson for our kids on their spiritual heritage) we rounded up the crew and celebrated Passover and Easter.

In previous years, my Passover lamb was palatable at best (and that's being kind). This year for Passover, I turned the lamb responsibilities over to Mark, the master chef, and the results were delicious.

Will and Maddox happened to be wearing vests for church on Easter morning. I've always thought they looked similar, but that day they could have passed as brothers.

Not sure what's up with my kid's pose here. Weirdo.

Checking out this year's haul with Aunt Alicia and Austin!