Friday, March 21, 2008

Floating Test Part 1

Well, Maddox has been in Infant Swim Resource water survival lessons for three weeks now. He has made incredible progress! He doesn't scream through lessons anymore (although he does protest and register his complaint), he relaxes on his back so he can breathe, and his swimming ability is really amazing for a one-year-old.

This morning he had his first test; he had to perform the "rollback to float" sequence in a regular diaper. (After the lesson, the diaper weighed almost as much as Maddox does. I think it soaked up half of the pool water!) He passed with flying colors, and next week he will try it fully clothed!! It's been amazing to see Miss Rachael patiently teach Maddox to survive if he falls into the water. I just couldn't believe my eyes!





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grandma said...

It brakes my heart to see how he cryes during the class! But we can't believe how good he rolls over and how long he stays on his back!! Thanks again for the pictures. Love you guys and Happy Easter to you...