Thursday, May 22, 2008

Personal Training Open House

Jeff has been working hard to set up his sports and fitness training center out in Norco. Last Saturday, he hosted an Open House at his gym. We had a good turn out and it was quite a success!
Jenny and Kelly making signs in Jeff's office. The guys were able to get the whole gym cleaned in the time we made about two and a half signs. I guess we were talking a little more than working.
Mad Dog loves to play with the medicine balls at the gym.
Cal State Fullerton colors! Go Titans!!

Jeff's office has a window that looks right out onto the workout floor.

Jeff and Jerry getting ready for Open House guests.
Jeff took a bunch of Open House guests through a workout.

After the Open House, we celebrated with Jerry and Kelly and Tanu and Ian (above) at Yogurtland (where else?!)!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff and Jenny!

It's Jerad from Colorado Springs. I'm glad to see the family has transitioned well back home. Just stopped by to say hello and hope everyone is doing well. Tell Jeff to email me sometime. I'd love to catch up to him!

Take Care!