Saturday, July 5, 2008


Jeff flew in to Oregon yesterday (just in time for our anniversary) and Marmie and Daddoo drove in yesterday too. We are still waiting on baby Evan, so today we killed some baby-waiting time by spending the afternoon at Splash, which is an indoor water park and wave pool. Everyone had a great time, and it sufficiently wore out the kiddos.

There won't be much more waiting on Evan because Mandy is scheduled for induction tomorrow night. We should have a baby in 24 hours or so!!! I joke about waiting a long time, but I have been incredibly blessed to be able to spend this time with Mandy and Ted. They are outstanding parents and I have learned a lot on this trip. Mandy is so patient with her kids, so she has been an example to me.

Marmie and Abby on the water slide. (Maddox also loved the water slide. He would come down with a huge smile on his face. As soon as we hit the water, he would point to the slide and say more!)
Dad and Mad splashing in the wave pool.
Our happy little family.

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