Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home Videos

Alicia Kercheville recently had all of their old home videos put on DVDs, and we have been enjoying videos of Tim, Erin and Renee when they were little (and Mark when he had a mustache). My personal favorite is the video of Renee's third birthday when my dad teased her. Three year old Renee glared at him, and then accusingly tattled to Alicia, "Mom, Uncle Dean talked to me." Love it!

Anyway, we have had so much fun seeing those videos that it inspired me to take more video of Maddox just being Maddox. So, yesterday, I just carried the camera around with me in the afternoon, and recorded him just being.

This first video is Maddox playing baseball. He has the basic idea down, but he gets a little mixed up on the steps. First he hits the ball, then gets a new ball, puts his bat away, and then finally gets around to running the bases...

This next video is him figuring out how to work a toy saw. I just love watching those wheels turn as he learns something new...

I have a few more videos, and I will post them soon. I'm his dorky mom, so I could watch these videos all day. But for more normal people, you can only watch so much of a toddler doing nothing!

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Momma said...

Nolan and Abby are so excited to play baseball with Maddox next week!! YEAH!! We can't wait to see you all. Love, Mae