Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Late is Better Than Never

Last month, Maddox and I took a trip up to Spokane to visit Marmie and Daddoo. Northside church of Christ hosted a Ladies' Day and invited my mom, my sister and me to come present. They hosted a very successful day, with about 95 ladies turning out. I think I only put a few of them to sleep.

Maddox and I spent a lot of time on the airplane stringing beads onto pipe cleaners to make bracelets for 900 of our closest friends. Anything to pass the time.
Here I am in costume performing a skit Mandy and I did in which we played southern coffee shop waitresses.
A few photos of Maddox and Marmie at a park in Spokane with an historic carousel.

Here are Maddox and Marmie playing baby dolls the night before we left.


Momma said...

WOW! I am glad to know that you are as behind in your posting as I am (or was). I beat you at my updating!!

Marrs Family said...

cute pics. we miss you guys, I hope play dates resume as normal soon!