Monday, January 14, 2008

Back in Business!

After a long pause, we are back from our bloggie break! We loved our trip to California for Christmas and having the Young's and Gash's here in Denver with us to ring in the New Year. Here is a jumble of December photos in no particular order...

Maddox and Jaxon entertaining the adults.

Magnetic fridge farm invention EVER!
MadMan with Marmie and Daddoo and the tricycle they gave him.
Ahhh...the California Christmas weather!
Daddoo introduces Claim Jumper at an early age.
Bribery photo to show their first prom dates.

The Kreil's with Bill and Tracy DeStefano, owners of the Colorado Springs gym.
Ho Ho Ho. Baby Santa with his Chiefs onesie and Clippers bib.
MadDog sporting a Christmas dinner mashed potato goatee.
Disclaimer: Maddox was not harmed in the wearing of this onesie.

The obligatory "Screaming in Santa's Lap" picture. Thank you to both boys for participating.
Freezing our buns off as we say farewell to our first stop in Colorado. Now on to Thornton!
Aunt Becky gave Maddox his first haircut. After all, baby mulletts were so 6 months ago.
Baby mohawks are in!
Brian and Diana testing out parenthood. They gave the boys back shortly after this photo was taken.

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