Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A New Name Written in the Book of Life

For the past month or so, Jeff and his boss, Matt, have been studying the gospel during down times at work. Matt asks great questions that require a lot of diligent research, and it has been quite a learning experience for both of them. They even have a Bible at the presale trailer, ready when they need it. Yesterday, Matt said he wanted to be baptized, and they launched a study about our royal priesthood and the urgency and necessity of baptism. Tonight, Jeff was blessed enough to be able to baptize Matt in our snowy spa. Enjoy the pictures and send up prayers of thanks for Matt's life-changing decision to become a child of God. Praise God!!

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Daddoo said...


I am so proud of you. I am not surprised at all. You are a wonderful christian, husband, and father. Jenny and Maddox are really lucky. Your new brother in the Lord is awfully lucky as well.