Monday, June 16, 2008

Conversations with Maddox

All of you who know and love Maddox are well aware that he is quite the chatterbox. He talks constantly, which means we laugh constantly. You should hear him in church! He is either singing along or competing with the preacher. There are some videos of his conversations on this post, but first I added some cutie photos of Mad playing PlayDough (a favorite pastime while Mom cooks dinner).

Daddy and Sophie playing outside with Maddox. Clubber has been a dingdong lately, so he lost his outside privileges. You can see him sulking in the doorway in the first video.

This first video is quintessential Maddox having a conversation with us. I can only imagine what he's telling us!

The second video is Maddox talking to the neighbor across the street. Turn it up, it's pretty cute!

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