Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Patiently Waiting

Maddox and I are currently in Oregon awaiting baby Evan's arrival. No kiddo yet, much to Mandy's dismay! She has been contracting hard for about a week or so, but they haven't been as productive as we would like. I can be diplomatic about the whole thing because I don't have a giant human parasite living in me. She, on the other hand, is going insane.

Despite the contracting and waddling, we have been having a good time here. Nolan and Abby are on a trip with Grandma and Papa Hoggard, so we haven't gotten to play with them yet, but they will be home tomorrow. In the meantime, Uncle Ted and Aunt Mae have been outstanding playmates for Maddox.

Here are some photos of our fun, in no particular order...
Mae is 9 months pregnant and loving every second of it.
Maddox loves playing toddler Reader Rabbit on the computer. This is the best house for little ones!! Aunt Mae has everything!

This is the new Hoggard puppy ... Jax!
The first night we were here, Maddox and I were both suffering with allergies (as evidenced by Mad's sick eyes in this photo). Nothing a little Benadryl can't fix.
This was breakfast the morning that Maddox found Aunt Mae's spray bottle of water.
Okay ... if you are the parent of a perfect, well-behaved toddler, you can just stop reading now. My kid bit my foot. I'm not kidding. I took a picture to prove it. This better be a phase!!
If he's gonna act like a dog, he'll end up in the kennel! (No it wasn't cruel and unusual punishment. He crawled in on his own.)
Every boy needs a clip-on tie! Doesn't he look handsome?!
This is why I love having a boy. Maddox and I were playing with Abby and Lauren's babydolls the other day and I told him to put them in the crib to go night-night. This is what he did. I think we'll keep Maddox away from Evan for a while.
We've been waiting for this baby for so long that Ted is starting to get silly.
Just riding bikes proudly displaying his new Superman hat.
We've collected tons of hand-me-downs this week, and this is one of my favorites. I think he makes a very cute Buzz Lightyear.
Ted and Jax taking a break.
Little Picasso was introduced to finger paints. And then to the bathtub.
We went to the farm to pick out some fresh produce. Since then, Maddox has eaten almost an entire flat of strawberries.
Big steps and little steps.
Uncle Ted taught Maddox how to feed the goats. Maddox loved it! He was picking up the little food pieces from the ground and feeding them to the goats. A few minutes later I realized he was also picking up pieces of goat poop and trying to feed that too. Again, I love having a boy!

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