Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Been A While

I usually try to do a better job about posting to this blog more frequently, but the "busyness" of the Christmas season has been upon us full force. We have really been enjoying the last couple of weeks, especially because Jeff is off for winter break. It's so great to have Daddy around! Take a look at the December activities we've been enjoying...

We met lots of family at Knott's Berry Farm and then had dinner at Claim Jumper. (Any day that ends with dinner at Claim Jumper is a great day in my book!)

Here is Maddox's new silly face. I have no idea where he got the long tongue. (Please pretend not to notice the dirty shirt. This was right before we went to Messy Muddy Toddler class, and he always wears the same stained shirt to class. I promise, I do laundry!! Once in a while.)

On Saturday, we got together with the Kreil / Grabau / Snook side of the family for dinner and gift exchange. Maddox had a blast playing with his cousins.

Later on, all the cousins decorated Christmas cookies...

... and about four helpings of frosting later ...
... Grandma gave Little Man a bath. Then he went off to bed in a sugar-induced coma.

The next night, Uncle Mark, Aunt Alicia and Erin came over to make more Christmas cookies with us! This time Maddox got to roll and cut the dough.

He ate most of the dough before it could be cooked.

What did survive long enough to be cooked was covered with a considerable amount of frosting and just as many sprinkles.

Not only has Jerry taught Maddox to do the "orange smile," but he has also taught him to pick his nose and burp. Thanks, Jerry!
By the way, we finally got the "is" in the memory verse! I'm sure you can tell that we always practice the memory verse during breakfast. Maddox is a very busy little guy, so we take full advantage of him being strapped into the booster seat for our family devotions and Bible study. It's the only time we have a captive audience!

I'll be back soon with more Christmas pictures!! Merry.

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Momma said...

Oh my goodness, Maddox is so stinkin' cute!! I really wish that we were there to play Holiday with you. We miss you so much.
Love you all!