Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life With A Toddler

I wish you could live at the Kreil house! We just laugh all the time. Jeff is hysterical, and Maddox is following suit. Both of my guys just crack me up!

Like any toddler, Maddox gets silly little ideas in his head. And like any toddler, he is pretty sure his world will crumble if any of his ideas are challenged. For the last couple of days, Maddox has decided that the world will not be alright unless he is wearing a sock on one hand. So today we went to wiggle class with a sock. At least it wasn't a pearl necklace this time.

Some days, one pacifier is just not enough!

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Momma said...

Can I come and live at your house? Please, I would love to laugh at Maddox all day long.