Monday, February 23, 2009

Little Sneak

Maddox fully understands that he is only allowed to have his blanket and pacifier when he's in bed or in the car.

However, this morning, he was nowhere to be found. I first looked in all the closets because this is his new favorite thing to do, but I didn't find him. It wasn't until I went in his room that I heard some stirring around under his crib. There was Maddox, snuggled up with his blanket, his pacifier, and a sinister little grin!


Andre & Melissa said...

What a little stinker!!!! Soooooo cute, but a little stinker all the same!!! Love it!!!!

cara said...

ha, ha, max does the SAME THING! he just gets his binky when he's sleeping, so throughout the day he'll go up to his bed and lay down. when i see him or tell him to put it away, he tells me he's "just taking a little rest."