Saturday, May 9, 2009



Daddy and I love you very much! I thank God for blessing me with a strong, sweet, courageous, caring, loving Christian mommy. Thank you for putting Daddy and me first... and always doing it with a smile. I hope you enjoy your gift! You deserve it!

We love you. Maddox and Daddy

Mother's Day is now easier since Maddox is older. Finally I can get a second opinion on what to get Jenny. Here is a little background on the Mother's Day video. Maddox is sitting on a massage table at a local day spa and, since it is a women-only facility, the really nice girl offered to take him back to show Mommy what she was getting and wish her a Happy Mother's Day. He was such a champ. The bag next to him is Jenny's gift card for an hour long massage.


Momma said...

This is absolutely precious!! Jeff, you are a wonderful daddy. Jenny, you are an amazing mom and you are so truly blessed. Have a fabulous Mother's Day!! I love you so much, Mae

The Doerr Four said...

Great husbands (and kids) think alike. I also got a massage at our local spa for Mothers Day. It was SO wonderful. I'm sure that you enjoyed every minute of yours just as much. You are a great mommy and a hard worker (with all of your MANY part time jobs). They are lucky to have you Jenny.
Happy Mommys Day!