Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sorry it's been so long since I posted. Jenny Marrs got me hooked on a Christian fiction book series so it's all her fault! (This is also my excuse for the dishes in the sink and the clothes begging to be ironed. Jeff is upset because he has no clean clothes to wear to work, but I gently remind him that there are children in Africa. And that I need to read these books.)

One of my many talents is passing the buck. It's a God-given strength.

Enough about my prowess as a housewife. Bring on the videos...

I like this next video because, even though Mad wasn't successful right away, you get to see his tenacity and his training. He keeps looking for the step and rolling over when he can't find it. Plus he has a great burp at the end! (Another one of my strong suits is maturity.)

And some videos of Maddox and the man wrapped around his little finger...


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