Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer Clothes Swim Test

This is Maddox's last week in swim lessons, so yesterday he swam in summer clothes. It makes a lot of sense to train kiddos to survive in the water in their regular clothes and shoes because they might not always be in swim gear if they fall in the water.

Video 1: This was the first time Maddox had ever been asked to jump into the water and he loved it! I love that he is being taught to jump in without relying on anyone to catch him. Please disregard my cackle; I was just really excited for him.

Video 2: First, you'll see Maddox being trained to swim to the stairs. Then he does a "popsicle" simulating and feet-first fall into water. Then Maddox is flipped over into the water. He has been trained with all kinds of entries into the water, some of which can be very disorienting, but he always manages to turn over and float.

Video 3: Conrad helps Maddox simulate a fall from the edge of the pool. Then he goes for the kicker. I must admit that watching Maddox go through these classes is not for the faint of heart. There have been many moments when I have had to restrain myself from climbing in the water and rescuing my baby from the evil torturer! This one topped the chart of heart-stopping moments for me; I actually started crying. However freaked out I was, Maddox couldn't have cared less and he handled it like a pro!

This afternoon, Mad will swim in winter clothes, so I'll post some highlights soon!

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