Monday, April 13, 2009

Hog's, Lamb and Ham

So I didn't post the whole time Mandy, Ted and the kids were here, and now I am suffering the consequences! I think this post has about 30 pictures!

The Hoggard's came into town for a week-long visit and we never stopped to breathe while they were here. We had such a great time! Here's a small taste of our week...

Evan is 9 months old and crawling everywhere!!

Abby is 6 years old and generally does not dress like a milk maid. This was just the exception.

Nolan is 9 years old and spent a lot of time being a great big cousin and riding Maddox around on his scooter. (Yes, Mandy is the good parent who makes her child wear a helmet.)

One happy fat baby!
Jeff and Ted got a little time to show off their frisbee skills.

One night when they were here, Mandy and I made a Passover Feast for the whole family, complete with all the symbolic foods on the Seder plate. At the feast, we told the story of the Passover and the Israelites fleeing Egyptian captivity. Each of the traditional foods on the Seder plate represents an aspect of the story. Then we tied it all together by explaining to the kids that Jesus is our Passover Lamb! We told them about Jesus being in Jerusalem (when He was arrested and crucified) to celebrate Passover, and that it was at this feast that He instituted the Lord's Supper.
It was a great lesson about our heritage, and I think the kids really got it! I think this is going to be a new tradition in our family! But, I'll have to work on roasting lamb, because it was not my favorite.
The Seder Plate

Maddox and Aunt Teri washing their hands before the Passover feast.
Jeff trying the sweet herbs dipped in salt water.
Abby's was a little wary of the whole thing, but she was a good sport.
Alicia and Jeff sampling the bitter herbs.
Baby Evan loves Passover!!
The next day, we celebrated Easter with a little bit of bunny baskets, egg dying and chocolate eating. Not to mention the ham.
(Sorry these photos are so washed out. I'm not sure why my camera does this sometimes,)

Mammaw and Pappaw with their great-grandbabies.

Aunt Teri and Madman.

This was Maddox's first time dying Easter eggs and he loved every bit of it. Any time that making a huge mess is actually acceptable is a good time in his book.

All of Mad's eggs turned out dirty brown because he dunked them in every single color on the table.

Off for a little egg hunting...
We had a fabulous time and we can't wait to see the Hoggard's again in a few months! Check out Mandy's blog to see their pictures from the trip.

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Momma said...

WOW! You have now set the standard high -- I haven't even downloaded my pics yet.

We had such an amazing time!! Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality. We are looking forward to the next trip.