Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Friday was Jeff's 33rd birthday! (Wow...33!) We went on an Old Navy shopping spree (don't be too impressed, he desperately needed warm winter clothes anyway), and enjoyed an awesome dinner at a Brazilian BBQ with our friends, Derek and Valerie. Later that evening, we went to a party with the Fitness 19 folks. All in all, it was a few more gray hairs for Jeff, and another great year!

Jeff and Maddox with our friend Tammy, who made that adorable winter hat for Maddox.


d said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jeff!

Dale Conjurski

R&S said...

Hey Jeff, how's Thorton? Stephanie and I are doing good. We are still sticking to the program. Jared is okay, but we wish you were still training us. Send me an e-mail @