Sunday, October 21, 2007

Holy Baby!

Our new church offers a "Cradle Roll" class for babies. So, Maddox and his friend, Katelyn attended their first Bible Class! Maddox's favorite parts were ringing the bell, playing with the pig, and sitting in the boat while the teacher sang the Noah's Ark song. She also spent a lot of time singing about how God gave us farm animals because Maddox loved the pig so much.

This was a special "first" for me because I know how much I loved Bible Classes growing up, and I know Maddox will too! Someday, he'll be running out of class with his newest craft dying to tell me what he learned about in class...

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Tami said...

Now see, why can't we sit in cool bright blue boats, obsess over stuffed pigs, and blow bubbles during sermons?! The preachers should really pick up on this idea!