Thursday, October 11, 2007

Little Fish

Maddox started swim lessons this week in the Water Waddle class! He loved the water, but wouldn't give up the toy that we played with at the beginning of class. So, most of the time, we practiced swimming while holding onto a water toy.

Check out the four videos below. Some are a little long, but they made me smile!


Lorie Kelly said...

"Three little fishies in the big blue sea....and they swam and they swam all over the sea..." See? There is a song for EVERYthink ! We miss all 3 of you LOTS !!! Happy Birthday on Oct. 19th Jeff:-)I have a birthdday pencil for you , only you will hvae to come to Canyon to pick it up ! Ha ! Love you, Lorie Kelly xoxoxo

Lorie Kelly said...

Opps ! I meant 'everything'! xo Lorie

Greg said...

"How you doin' mommy?" Becky says you should wear a turtle neck. :)

Laurie Caruso said...

We miss you three so much! Looks like you are settling in and having a great time! Happy Birthday, Jeff! 33 is still a baby! I loved the pictures of Maddox in his cradle roll class. He even has a new little friend. I wish we had that class at Canyon!
What a great job he is doing with his swimming lessons. He has gotten SO big! Lov ya much, Laurie