Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sites I Love

Confession: I love blogging! I love posting pictures and stories about how Maddox is growing up, and reading our friends' and families' blogs. But what I'm really talking about now is reading other blogs out there in the blogosphere mainly about Biblical womanhood and Christian living. I spend about the first hour of Maddox's naps reading inspirational blogs and reveling in the wisdom and humor of others. It's my time to refocus on what's important.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of my favorite blogs. You might not have the time to read all of them, but if you find a moment to peek at one or two, you will be blessed. I know I have!

Crystal's blog Biblical Womanhood is always inspiring. I love reading about her tips on simplifying our lives and honoring our husbands.

Girl Talk is a great blog written by four women (a mom and her three grown daughters). It has really encouraged me with practical tips for spending time with God.

If you need a laugh, read Big Mama's blog. Hilarious, wholesome, and well written.

Finally, in the midst of a heavy trial, I have found inspiration to hear God's whispers to me at Bring The Rain. Angie writes honestly about her life with her family and the loss of her youngest daughter. Unbelievable. One post, Blink, has refocused my eyes. It's a long one, but it's a must-read!

I hope you get a chance to check these out. These sites are daily blessings to my heart.


The Doerr Four said...

Thank you for sharing these blogs Jenny. I was up until 1am last night reading Bring on the Rain (Audreys story)and cried and cried and cried. She is so inspirational to all women and has such a pure life about her. Reading her postings really puts life in perspective and reminds me of how blessed Matt and I are and how great God really is. I will continue to read these blog pages that you have posted. Thanks for sharing these.

Marrs Family said...

um yeah, i'm a huge bloggy fan as well, thanks for sharing those sites! And I started reading "Bring on the Rain" just like Kaylee and was instantly hooked. What an incredible woman...and a beautiful faith in our Lord.