Monday, September 8, 2008

Hoggard's Visit

WARNING: HUGE POST!!! Ted, Mandy, Nolan, Abby and Evan came down for a visit last week and we had so much fun! It's so easy to take pictures now in the digital age that we ended up with about 350 photos between the two families. I did my best to narrow them down, but there were just too many adorable ones. And since I don't know how to do that scrapbook thing where your pictures just revolve, you'll just have to look through the incredibly long post. I also usually try to put the pictures in some order that makes sense, but there were just too many to mess with that. So, here are our jumbled up pictures from a week of family fun...

Alicia has access to a ton of fun critters because she works with Science On The Go. Here's Mad playing with a tarantula and doing the sign for spider.

We got to go fishing for carp in a lake in Yorba Linda. The picture above is how Evan fishes.
Ted, Nolan, Abby and Alicia paddling past the rest of us while we were fishing.
Daddy taught Maddox how to fish. It was seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

We caught a Maddox!!

Squishy baby Evan.

Contrast this with fly fishing waist deep in the Russian River growing up in Alaska!
We got to go to Disneyland three times while they were here. It was definitely one of the highlights for the kiddos. (The photos are out of order, so there are more D-land pics below.)

A trip to California is never complete without a lot of trips to the pool.

Evan and Grandma Great
I have a picture of Nolan kissing Pooh's nose when he was about this age too!

Maddox and Abby at Wild Rivers Water Park
This was Mad's face on the little drop in Pirates of the Caribbean. He loves that ride, but every time we go down the drop, he reaches over and squeezes my leg.

Ted has the coolest underwater camera. We also got a video of Maddox under water, but I'll have to add that in a different post.
This was a picnic with Aunt Alicia after the kids played in the slip-n-slide all afternoon.
This is what the dads did during the picnic.


Momma said...

Jen and Jeff, We had such a wonderful time!! We miss you all so much. Love you all,
Mae (and crew)

Vanessa said...

Can I just say, your families are so cute! What fun you all have together. Miss you!

-Vanessa (and crew)