Monday, October 20, 2008

The Birthday Boy

Well, yesterday was Jeff's 34th birthday, and we spent the weekend celebrating! On Saturday morning Jerry and Kelly picked Jeff and Maddox up to take them to Disneyland. (The Gash's and I went in together to get Jeff an annual pass!) I stayed behind to do some baking and cleaning for the BBQ we were hosting that night. When they all came home, Maddox was showing off his new Buzz Lightyear Astroblaster gun! (Kelly and I were laughing about that because Maddox is always asking me for that toy at Disneyland, and I never buy it for him. In fact, I never buy him anything at Disneyland because Jeff would kill me. However, about 2.6 seconds after they walked in the park, Jeff caved in and bought the gun!)

Saturday night we had some friends over for a little BBQ, birthday cake, and two LOUD games of boys vs. girls Scene It. The girls got worked both times.

Sunday morning, Jeff's dad joined us for church and then took us out to Red Robin for a little birthday lunch. It was a fantastic weekend celebrating a pretty spectacular guy!

Some birthday kisses for Daddy.
The usual suspects getting ready for Scene It.
Melissa and me in our self portrait.
Jeff got the "birthday shirt!" Our friend Mark got this shirt for Jerry for his birthday a few years ago. Mark spent $1.99 for it at a thrift store, and he got ripped off. Since then, it has been passed around to different guys who all have to wear it to church as soon as they get it. So, Jeff attended church Sunday morning loud and proud.
Clubber made the rounds to all the guests, making sure they felt welcomed.

At lunch on Sunday, Maddox had fun blowing little bits of napkin across the table with a straw. Oh, the things we do to entertain our children until the food arrives!

Happy birthday, Jeff! Your little man and I love you more than you could know!!


Momma said...

I love the napkin blowing game. Now, it only gets out of control when the adults join in for a rousing game of napkin hockey.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jeff!! We love you,
Love, Mae, George, Oney, AbbaD, and Moe

The Doerr Four said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Happy birthday Jeff.