Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Was I Thinking?!

October is fall, right? Fall means cool weather, pretty leaves and caramel apples, right? So when my friend Nancy brought over apples and caramel, we decided it would be fun to dip apples for the kiddos. I guess I conveniently ignored the small detail that it was about 95 degrees outside and I have no air conditioning.
Notice the steady stream of caramel pouring onto the floor. This was a joy to clean up. I should have just let the dogs in.

So once the caramel melted and dripped all over my floor, what could I do? I dumped it all into a casserole dish and stuck it in the fridge.

Maddox wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. At least someone enjoyed it.


Marmie said...

Oh, yum! It doesn't matter what it looks like- carmel and apples always go together! The leaves on the trees here in the Pacific Northwest are beginning to change- new vibrant colors pop out every day. There is a crispness to the air. I think autumn is here. I could really use a carmel apple right about now- or maybe just a tub of refrigerated carmel with apple slices sticking out- whatever! It all works! Love you.

The Doerr Four said...

Yum. Still looks good. It was a good thought, maybe just not a good day to do it :-)

Momma said...

HA!! I love it -- I love that you call me to tell me that you have "goofy-mommy-moments" too. Goodness knows that I have had plenty of my own. I am glad that Jeff likes to help clean up! Love ya