Tuesday, October 7, 2008

San Jose Half Marathon

Last weekend we flew off to San Jose with our friends (Greg & Becky Young and Jerry & Kelly Gash) to run the San Jose Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon. We had a great time! It occurred to me, though, that many groups of friends get together for dinner and movies; we get together and run 13 miles. Apparently we are gluttons for punishment.
Kelly and me goofing around at the registration expo. (And, yes, that is correct grammar.)

The girls trying on some weird balance shoes...
The boys trying on some weird running skirts...
Here's our group along with Becky's parents, Tom and Debbie.
Kelly couldn't run with us because she got a stress fracture in her foot during our training. We made a sign in her honor anyway.
Sushi dinner the night before the race. Some people suggest loading up on carbs. I suggest loading up on raw fish. And Mike & Ike's. And Mountain Dew.

Here are the Kreil's and the Young's after the race.
Becky and I are very competitive with each other, evidenced by the great karate sparring fiasco a few years ago. So, at dinner the night before the race everyone was talking about their time goals for their run. Becky announced that she didn't care what time she got, she just wanted to beat me. And the heat was on!
She is a very good runner and I had to really push to stick with her. We sprinted the last tenth of a mile or so, each trying to beat the other one. She beat me by a nose. However, let the record show that the race website shows both of our finishing times at exactly 2 hours, 10 minutes, 55 seconds. I say it goes down as a tie.
Jerry wore his Dunder Mifflin Race for the Cure shirt and his "Support the Rabid" bracelet. He's such a philanthropist!
We all survived!!

This was a big weekend for Maddox too ... his first weekend without Mom and Dad! Aunt Alicia took care of Maddox for the weekend and they had a blast. He had so much fun with the Kercheville's that I'm sure he forgot all about us.


Momma said...

It is official, you are all are gluttons for punishments. I will not be allowing Nolan and Abby to read your posts any longer since I am trying too learn them gooder grammar. (I am funny, really!)

Momma said...

I surrender! I bow to the supreme goddess of grammar. Kelly and me is correct I will submit! Perhaps I will allow Jen to learn my kidz engrish. (Once again, I really am funny!) Mae