Monday, November 17, 2008

Maybe I Shouldn't Be Encouraging This

Wearing Mommy's heels around the house after church yesterday really isn't that bad. But the stories don't stop there.

Last week Maddox found one of my pearl necklaces and wanted to wear it. Then he wigged out when I suggested we take it off to run to Target, so my little cross dresser wore the necklace to Target, and received many compliments. Unfortunately, that had to be the day that I would run into one of the Kindergarten teachers from Eastbluff. She hadn't seen Mad since he was a tiny tot, so I was immensely proud to show off my gender confused toddler. Oh well, I'm sure that's the only thing he will ever do to embarrass me ... right?!

** Will someone please come to my defense when Maddox is a teenager and refuses to talk to me because I put pictures of him in high heels on the Internet?! **


Momma said...

I will come to your defense if, and only if, you stop giving my children stories about us as children. It only makes it harder to correct them.

The Leslie Clan said...

That's what you get for wearing heels to church! He wasn't used to seeing heels and jewelry out around the house. It was just a novelty for him! :-)