Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The KercheDill Union

On August 17th, our dearest Erin Kercheville was wed to our dearest Graydon Dill. It was probably the most unique ceremony I have ever attended, and it ranks up there on a short list of my favorite weddings. Maddox made an adorable ring bearer, and did a fantastic job reigning in his explosive 2-year-old energy. Without further adieu, here are lots of beautiful photos from the wedding of the century!
Erin looked stunning in a lovely dress that she and Alicia handmade.

Alicia also made her mother of the bride dress.

Pappaw lifted up the happy couple in prayer...
...and cousin Annabelle passed the time in prayer by curtsying in her flower girl dress. Too cute!
Maddox held very still for the whole ceremony, but during the vows, he was getting a little antsy. So, Timbo gave him the whole bag of bribery candy and sat him down. Look closely behind the groomsmen. Need a closer look?...

A quick snapshot of Mandy and Ted. Just so you know who produced these yahoos...

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