Thursday, October 22, 2009

Probably My Favorite Picture

I know it's just a picture of Maddox and Jeff in the attic, but I fell in love with this photo the minute I saw it. It's Mad's face. I just have to squeeze it.
In an unrelated note, I thought you would like to see Maddox's little perch where he likes to hang out and read books. I must have 10 different identical pictures. I'll save you the agony, and just post 2.


Momma said...

I love those pictures. I am so glad that he loves his little bench/stool so much -- it is the perfect size.

Marrs Family said...

so cute.
but wait, you sew?? Are you hiding the machine in your attic so people don't ask you to work on projects. :)
I'm expecting Maddox's buzz lightyear costume to be an amazing homemade perfect rendition from the movie!